Why Black Mold is a Powerful Enemy

Homeowners everywhere know just how difficult it can be to keep a house running properly. In addition to keeping utilities on it is up to you to ensure that the home is always a safe environment for you and your family. This is a nearly Herculean effort the minute water damage enters into the mix. One of the worst forms of water damage that you can encounter in your home is easily that of mold. Here are some of the reasons why mold is one of the most formidable forms of water damage and what you can do to get rid of it in a timely and effective manner.

What Mold Is Capable of In Your Home

The first thing you need to understand is that mold is a highly destructive substance that should not be trifled with. Year after year millions of dollars in damage is done to homes all across the country by mold alone. This is because mold is a very corrosive substance. When mold first begins to take hold in your home it seeks out surfaces that have heat and moisture. Those are the two things that mold absolutely must have in order to thrive. If you think that there is mold in your home then you need to get in touch with Damage Control 911.

When the mold latches on to a surface in your home you will find that it does not seem to cause very much damage in its early stages. You will find some mild discoloration but nothing that cannot be taken care of with a rag and some cleaning solution. However, when mold starts to grow and expand it will start to eat away at the wall. Eventually it will make its way to the wooden foundation of your home. When this happens you soon discover that your home’s very foundation is no longer safe and poses a serious hazard to your family.

What Mold Is Capable of In Your Body

Mold is a highly toxic substance. When you hear that mold travels throughout your home by sending out microscopic spores to seek out heat and moisture you may not think much of that. However, it is a very serious problem because you run a very real risk of inhaling those spores. When that happens you could end up getting extremely sick. Year after year there are numerous reported deaths of people who developed serious respiratory illnesses as a result of exposure to black mold growth. It is not something that should ever be taken lightly. If you find mold in your home then get in touch with DC-911 immediately.

If you think there is mold in your home then here is what you can do to clean it up:

Should I get an electric dog fence for my small dog?

Lately there has been a lot of talk about electric dog fences. There are a lot of people that are using them and endorsing them. I have heard a lot of great things about electric dog fences. However, I was not sure about getting one for my small dog. You see, I have a puppy that is close to six months old, but she only weighs about 4 pounds. So I was a little hesitant about getting an electric dog fence for her.

She is so small and I worry about how the electric dog fence will be with her. So I decided to do a little research and find out if purchasing an electric dog fence for my dog Maggie would be a good idea.

After many hours of research and talking to a ton of different people, I decided that getting an electric dog fence was just not an option for me. I was not thrilled about the fact of shocking my dog every time she got to a certain part of my yard. To me, it is just not an option. However, I have heard that it works well.

So, if you are looking into getting an electric dog fence for your small pet, it is okay. However, I do not believe that it is something that you should do.

Now, I did find a dog fence that I was considering getting. It is a dog fence that will keep my little Maggie from digging her way out from underneath and it is way to tall for her to jump over. Not only is it tall enough to keep Maggie in, but it is tall enough to keep other animals out of my yard. This means that Maggie will be safe at all times. No matter if she goes out at 10am or 11pm.

This dog fence is so great that goat farmers use this fencing as well. Of course, if you would like to read more about dog fencing or or other things that you can get your pet to make their time at home alone easier that will only make your decision easier to make.


What Makes Egyptian Cotton Sheets Different From Others

If you are looking to take your home décor to the next level then one of the best things you can do is deck out your ed with Egyptian cotton sheets. Egyptian cotton is one of the finest, most luxurious fabrics that money can buy. It is that perfect mixture of highly durable and highly comfortable in one complete package. There are some who scoff at Egyptian cotton and think it could not possibly be that much better than a cheap set of sheets you can find at any store. Here are some facts that will help you understand why this is not the case.

Cut From a Different Cloth

The first thing you need to understand is that Egyptian cotton is not simply regular cotton with the word “Egyptian” thrown in front of it to make you think it is exotic. It is actually made from a completely different species of cotton plant that is unique to the Egyptian climate. The Egyptian climate helps to create a cotton that has the highest fiber count of any other on the market.

Creation Process

Egyptian cotton, as previously mentioned, has the highest fiber count of any other cotton with a fiber count of 1,000 per square inch. Not only is there a higher fiber count, the strands of the fibers are longer than any other cotton. When the fibers are all weaved together and spun into threads they are pulled together to form a cloth that is highly durable, breathes incredibly well, and offers an extraordinary level of comfort.

Why the High Price?

Many people are put off by the higher price of Egyptian cotton products compared to regular cotton. Yes, Egyptian cotton does cost more upfront than regular cotton. This is because Egyptian cotton will last significantly longer than a regular sheet set you buy at the store. Egyptian cotton’s durability means it will last for years on end. Visit Luxury of the Pharaohs to see more of what Egyptian cotton has to offer.

Think of it like this: when you purchase Egyptian cotton sheets you are not simply buying a set of sheets, what you are really paying for is every set of sheets that you would have purchased if you had not bought the superior Egyptian cotton sheets. The simple fact is that Egyptian cotton is an investment in the comfort and style of your home rather than simply just another set of sheets to put on your bed.

Egyptian cotton is a fantastic material that is well worth the price if you are willing to pay it. Understanding the level of style and comfort it can bring to your bedroom is something that cannot be measured in monetary value alone. They make for incredible heirlooms if you can take care of them well enough to last that long.